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Don't you just love it when the boys are happy? Well, I do. Especially since enough time has passed to block out the wtf-ery of season two, and it's still some time to go to start dreading the third season. Let's just assume that I made it recently and did not start on a stupid wallpaper over a year ago and then completely reworked it, like, twice. Hollah! :D

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Say, could you draw me a heart on that? )

Textures made from this wallpaper are here and beautiful, if I say so myself. :)

Feedback makes me put flowers in my hair. ♥
coffeestudies: merlin being excited (merlin_01)
Blah. Needed to procrastinate.

I cannot bring myself to post this here but everyone should go and witness the yenta wonder that is [ profile] capslock_merlin anyway!! So go here and OBSERVE ME DOING BAD SCIENCE!

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"Blogs gesperrt wegen Potter-Sex" is the actually important article. but "Harry Potter liebt Männer" won't let me rest.

"Welche gefährlichen Abenteuer muss Harry Potter diesmal bestehen? Welcher Mitschülerin gibt er den ersten Kuss? Schafft er es, den bösen Voldemort endgültig zu besiegen? Die Antworten auf solche Fragen brennen den meisten Harry-Potter-Fans vor dem Erscheinen des sechsten Bandes auf den Nägeln. Einen großen Teil der Fangemeinde des Zauberlehrlings aber interessiert nichts weniger als das. Sie malen sich stattdessen aus, wie Harry, endlich erwachsen, die Zauberschule Hogwarts verlässt - und seine Neigungen in einer schwulen Lebensgemeinschaft mit seinem Erzfeind Draco Malfoy auslebt."

"Möchtegern-Autoren finden ein fertiges Universum mit genau definierten Charakteren vor"

"Die Erfinder der Figuren sind natürlich nicht so glücklich mit diesen Geschichten."

yes, we completely disregard canon, we need it only for providing us with names because we can't think of any names for ourselves so we have to use the ones 'real' authors give us, coz ficcers are just "wannabe" authors. yes, of course are there bad authors, just like there are bad journalists, who have no idea what they're writing about and are too lazy for proper research and use their time instead on finding the simplest and most boring words and phrases.

also? fucker. there are creators who do approve of fanfiction and encourage it. creators who have the guts to deal with homoerotica. joss is god.

go and find yourself a job that doesn't involve using words in public. because... seriously? you just can't.

oh, and btw, do *you* know that the hp verse contains more characters than harry and draco? because hp fans do.


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