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Some time in the Middle Ages I promised [personal profile] mercuries ♥ (hi there! it's been such long time... :( ) a Dean/Cas fanmix because she's that awesome and took me up on my offer. This first mix is more or less set in s4; the first four songs are kinda character study like (and pre-Dean/Cas, therefore: sad, aww!), but after that, this mix doesn't take itself entirely seriously. :D

I'd love to hear what you think! Enjoy! :D

Let It Ride - A Roadside Dean/Cas Fanmix )

DOWNLOAD FROM MF | zip (~75mb) includes 19 songs, cover & lyrics

Up next: Sigh No More - An Apocalyptic Dean/Cas Fanmix! :D

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Previously on the Enterprise: Spock, troubled by his emotions, and struggling with an identity crisis, took off to Gol. This now is Jim being left behind and having to deal with it like everyone else. :/
Happy listening! (Or, in this case, don't be too sad! The Infirmary scene is coming around soon, promise!) God, while working on this I listened to the songs a lot, and had to look up fun stuff on the internet to cheer me up.


Song list )

Wallpaper )

DL links )

I really put a lot of thought into this so if you like it, or hate it, or just want to tell me that your grandma has these, like totally exciting moves with the knitting needles - HIT THAT REPLY BUTTON! :)

I might make the dl-links available via PM's only in, IDK, a week or so? :)
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A proud Vulcan, troubled by his emotions, is afraid to come too close to a young, ambitious Starfleet captian who's not quite ready to settle down just yet. God, I love how this is just plain classic tragedy: they're doomed from the start because they are who they are. They can't walk away from this, but neither can they be happy with each other (not at this time anyhow). This fanmix follows Spock from the end of their relationship to his departure back to Vulcan. The companion piece will be all about Jim being sad and left behind... :(


Song list )

Wallpaper )

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Next up: "Harder Now That It's Over (Kirk POV)"!

I'd appreciate it if you'd just drop me a line that you dl'ed, liked it, or simply can't stand the idea of listening to yet another droopy fanmix. :) Just so I get a feeling for how many people are even interested in this, you know? ♥


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