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There are alternatives (Diigo, but delicious pretty much is exactly what I want and need. It has the firefox plugin, tag bundles and-and! All my fic recs and art recs and meta stuff are there and I have hundreds of fics/art/blogs/private stuff/MY ENTIRE FUCKING ONLINE LIFE on my to-read/whatever list easily accessible with one click! *wails*

Balls. I got my delicious account only a year or so ago and now i don't know what to do without it. Someone, HOLD ME. D:

Well, I guess there are ways to export the bookmarks and I shall just be very very strong... *weeps* Is anyone else on delicious, anyway?

Links ganked from rageprufrock
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Previously on the Enterprise: Spock, troubled by his emotions, and struggling with an identity crisis, took off to Gol. This now is Jim being left behind and having to deal with it like everyone else. :/
Happy listening! (Or, in this case, don't be too sad! The Infirmary scene is coming around soon, promise!) God, while working on this I listened to the songs a lot, and had to look up fun stuff on the internet to cheer me up.


Song list )

Wallpaper )

DL links )

I really put a lot of thought into this so if you like it, or hate it, or just want to tell me that your grandma has these, like totally exciting moves with the knitting needles - HIT THAT REPLY BUTTON! :)

I might make the dl-links available via PM's only in, IDK, a week or so? :)
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A proud Vulcan, troubled by his emotions, is afraid to come too close to a young, ambitious Starfleet captian who's not quite ready to settle down just yet. God, I love how this is just plain classic tragedy: they're doomed from the start because they are who they are. They can't walk away from this, but neither can they be happy with each other (not at this time anyhow). This fanmix follows Spock from the end of their relationship to his departure back to Vulcan. The companion piece will be all about Jim being sad and left behind... :(


Song list )

Wallpaper )

DL links )

Next up: "Harder Now That It's Over (Kirk POV)"!

I'd appreciate it if you'd just drop me a line that you dl'ed, liked it, or simply can't stand the idea of listening to yet another droopy fanmix. :) Just so I get a feeling for how many people are even interested in this, you know? ♥

A New Home

Sep. 7th, 2010 10:56 pm
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So, you know how livejournal's gonna turn into facebook, and TPTB think criticzing users are fucking assholes who are just out to make their life harder? )

Yeah, here are some Dreamwidth invite codes (for more invite codes or giving away spare ones go here.


I'm thinking the more failjay users switch to DW (or other sites), the less people can say 'but aaaaaall my friends are here at lj!' Of course, I will use my paid account till it runs out (summer next year) but this really feels like the end of a very long line. :(

Thanks again to [ profile] master_kogane for the links. ♥
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I AM DONE WITH EXAMS, PEOPLE, DONE! Except the presentation, I still have to do that one. So, naturally, I'm sitting here in my undies; but it's cool, they're all black and smooth! And hey, yesterday, I didn't even get out of my bathrobe at all so I think I'm definitely moving towards dressing decently again and will be ready to go outside any day now. Still suffering from a bit of post-examination depression though. You know, the one where you're so happy to be free that you want to rip out you eyeballs and don't know what to do first because all those things that you were dreaming of doing once you're free again; that had you waking up in the middle of the night, screaming 'SPOILERS!!!' - there's kinda a lot of it and the day still has only 24 hours.

Anyway, will try and catch up with my flist eventually. But now, off to have another bath! \o/

Btw, just got a cramp in my hand from trying to organize my galleries. Eljay's gallery system isn't very well organized, is it? Or am I just too thick to get it? Easily adding tags and searching by tags is what I want. Or is there a client that lets you add tags and search existing galleries? Hmm, will have to investigate (damn, there goes my bath...) How is everyone else organizing their gifs and stuff?
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So, there's a new layout. HURRAH. The code was written by the obviously enormously talented [ profile] toledan_night (here). I changed the colour scheme, added a new header and background; and I gotta say, I kinda like it. :) Not quite done, though.

Changing one's layout: A personality test )

In private detecting news, I will FINALLY go and watch Sherlock Holmes on Tuesday. Anyone wanna join? LOOK AT THESE PICS AND TELL ME YOU DON'T WANT TO WATCH IT (AGAIN) )
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Isn't fandom!Christmas wonderful?? I had joined [ profile] ontd_startrek's Secret Santa ([ profile] ontd_st_ss) and I got THREE FUCKING HANDMADE DELTA SHIELD PAINTINGS, I WAS SO FREAKING EXCITED OMG. And for [ profile] randomyst I made a few wallpapers which you can see here.

(For the record, when I made these I was still somewhat fond of the crap that's still trying to sell itself as snow. :\ )

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Good thing is, he's coming to Berlin. On Feb 11 to Huxleys Neue Welt, 10967 Berlin, Hasenheide. Tickets are 36.50€ @ hekticket (I'll pick up mine tomorrow, but there are plenty left and no seats). Anyone wanna join me?

Sail away with me...! )

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So this is the joint entry for the second Ship Wars prompt over at [ profile] st_respect: Ain't no sunshine when (s)he's gone.

And I can tell you, [ profile] ladyblahblah and I totally kicked some artsy ass! She wrote the drabble and I alternatively cried onto my keyboard and laughed hysterically because [ profile] ladyblahblah just does that to me (also, I did the art). Furthermore, [ profile] ladyblahblah would like to inform you that she is totally wearing flowers in her hair right now and never kids; and I wanna tell her again how great it was to work with her. This piece turned out so much better for her input. Thank youuuu! ♥

Only now, it burns. )

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But! All is fair in love and war. Plus, there're pictures; it can't be that bad. So this is my entry for the first Ship Wars prompt over at [ profile] st_respect: Our First Date.

Title: Dear Captain's Log
Description: Kirk has a cunning plan! Tonight, no Klingons, Space Nazis, or Other People will stand in his way to his first officer's heart!
Rating: PG-13, due to a word that shouldn't be said in front of kids?
Warnings: none


Transcript which, I hope, won't be needed. Oh boy. )

Ok, so, if there's anything really really wrong (define "really really wrong" as convenient) about it, tell me? I'll try and fix it in time, go team!

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I was asking [ profile] mata090680 earlier today (THANKS FOR HAVING ME, BTW! :D), "How many wank-free Ship Wars do you know of?" And she would have said none if I'd have let her finish - I may or may not have been a little bit over-enthusiastic about this - but here's the thing. Over at [ profile] st_respect there's a Ship War about to start that will of course not end the decade long battle over which is The One True Pairing in the Star Trek universe. The weapons with which this war is fought are creativity and wit. So, really, in the end, everyone wins. :)

Here's what the introduction says: )


[ profile] chani_atreides is planning an RDJ & Jude Law appreciation outing (entry is flocked so a link would be useless). On Tuesday they'll be at the Cinestar Potsdamer Platz for the Sherlock Holmes premiere (sadly, no tickets for the movie available yet. Meh. ) Anyone wanna go?
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[ profile] nairie, [ profile] frightened_eyes, [ profile] shivaluna and I talked about how until now Trek fandom was like the house you lived in your whole life. There's dad you sit with at the kitchen table and talk about stuff and life and what you're supposed to do with it. And with your cool aunt you sit for hours at the window in the attic and talk about all the places you want to go to and and what you're willing to do to get there. Of course, there's also your older brother who's rather complicated and a little bit troubled but he always takes you to exciting places and you learn a lot just by being with him. You also like the distant cousin even though he never quite seems to fit in because he just keeps ignoring the rules (secretly, that's why you like him because he's doing it in a pretty cool way). And then there's grandpa who everyone looks up to because he built this house and he's still a shipload of fun for the stories he tells are liquid awesome and the beginning of everything!

Once in a while everyone gets to be bitchy and stupid but generally everybody's having a grand time.

But! Grandpa was recently cloned in a strange but totally scientific way and now all the new kids come to your house and want to spend time with him and say 'grandpa' is a stupid name and clone!grandpa is way cooler than original!grandpa anyway. (Admittedly, unlike original!grandpa he goes bowling instead of playing cards and is fashionable and stuff...) And the new kids lock themselves in the bathroom all the time where they make weird noises, they use totally new ingredients when cooking and the house smells for hours. However, the house hasn't been that exciting in a long time.

Summarily, we should have two bathrooms.

And this is where the story unexpectedly ends without an ending. ;)

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being back in melbourne, watching the rain pour down, seems to be the right moment to do this.

gold coast - coolangatta.

the ocean doesn't fit on a thumbnail )


want big? )

that's all for now, folks.

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"Blogs gesperrt wegen Potter-Sex" is the actually important article. but "Harry Potter liebt Männer" won't let me rest.

"Welche gefährlichen Abenteuer muss Harry Potter diesmal bestehen? Welcher Mitschülerin gibt er den ersten Kuss? Schafft er es, den bösen Voldemort endgültig zu besiegen? Die Antworten auf solche Fragen brennen den meisten Harry-Potter-Fans vor dem Erscheinen des sechsten Bandes auf den Nägeln. Einen großen Teil der Fangemeinde des Zauberlehrlings aber interessiert nichts weniger als das. Sie malen sich stattdessen aus, wie Harry, endlich erwachsen, die Zauberschule Hogwarts verlässt - und seine Neigungen in einer schwulen Lebensgemeinschaft mit seinem Erzfeind Draco Malfoy auslebt."

"Möchtegern-Autoren finden ein fertiges Universum mit genau definierten Charakteren vor"

"Die Erfinder der Figuren sind natürlich nicht so glücklich mit diesen Geschichten."

yes, we completely disregard canon, we need it only for providing us with names because we can't think of any names for ourselves so we have to use the ones 'real' authors give us, coz ficcers are just "wannabe" authors. yes, of course are there bad authors, just like there are bad journalists, who have no idea what they're writing about and are too lazy for proper research and use their time instead on finding the simplest and most boring words and phrases.

also? fucker. there are creators who do approve of fanfiction and encourage it. creators who have the guts to deal with homoerotica. joss is god.

go and find yourself a job that doesn't involve using words in public. because... seriously? you just can't.

oh, and btw, do *you* know that the hp verse contains more characters than harry and draco? because hp fans do.


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