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I AM DONE WITH EXAMS, PEOPLE, DONE! Except the presentation, I still have to do that one. So, naturally, I'm sitting here in my undies; but it's cool, they're all black and smooth! And hey, yesterday, I didn't even get out of my bathrobe at all so I think I'm definitely moving towards dressing decently again and will be ready to go outside any day now. Still suffering from a bit of post-examination depression though. You know, the one where you're so happy to be free that you want to rip out you eyeballs and don't know what to do first because all those things that you were dreaming of doing once you're free again; that had you waking up in the middle of the night, screaming 'SPOILERS!!!' - there's kinda a lot of it and the day still has only 24 hours.

Anyway, will try and catch up with my flist eventually. But now, off to have another bath! \o/

Btw, just got a cramp in my hand from trying to organize my galleries. Eljay's gallery system isn't very well organized, is it? Or am I just too thick to get it? Easily adding tags and searching by tags is what I want. Or is there a client that lets you add tags and search existing galleries? Hmm, will have to investigate (damn, there goes my bath...) How is everyone else organizing their gifs and stuff?
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So, there's a new layout. HURRAH. The code was written by the obviously enormously talented [ profile] toledan_night (here). I changed the colour scheme, added a new header and background; and I gotta say, I kinda like it. :) Not quite done, though.

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In private detecting news, I will FINALLY go and watch Sherlock Holmes on Tuesday. Anyone wanna join? LOOK AT THESE PICS AND TELL ME YOU DON'T WANT TO WATCH IT (AGAIN) )
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Good thing is, he's coming to Berlin. On Feb 11 to Huxleys Neue Welt, 10967 Berlin, Hasenheide. Tickets are 36.50€ @ hekticket (I'll pick up mine tomorrow, but there are plenty left and no seats). Anyone wanna join me?

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[ profile] nairie, [ profile] frightened_eyes, [ profile] shivaluna and I talked about how until now Trek fandom was like the house you lived in your whole life. There's dad you sit with at the kitchen table and talk about stuff and life and what you're supposed to do with it. And with your cool aunt you sit for hours at the window in the attic and talk about all the places you want to go to and and what you're willing to do to get there. Of course, there's also your older brother who's rather complicated and a little bit troubled but he always takes you to exciting places and you learn a lot just by being with him. You also like the distant cousin even though he never quite seems to fit in because he just keeps ignoring the rules (secretly, that's why you like him because he's doing it in a pretty cool way). And then there's grandpa who everyone looks up to because he built this house and he's still a shipload of fun for the stories he tells are liquid awesome and the beginning of everything!

Once in a while everyone gets to be bitchy and stupid but generally everybody's having a grand time.

But! Grandpa was recently cloned in a strange but totally scientific way and now all the new kids come to your house and want to spend time with him and say 'grandpa' is a stupid name and clone!grandpa is way cooler than original!grandpa anyway. (Admittedly, unlike original!grandpa he goes bowling instead of playing cards and is fashionable and stuff...) And the new kids lock themselves in the bathroom all the time where they make weird noises, they use totally new ingredients when cooking and the house smells for hours. However, the house hasn't been that exciting in a long time.

Summarily, we should have two bathrooms.

And this is where the story unexpectedly ends without an ending. ;)

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