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So I need a place to store these. Why don't I have a account, I wonder?

Thar be Cardassian exiles and pretty doctors )
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Summer House (and its sequels Shore Leave and Sabbatical) by rageprufrock
mcshep, pg, sga/eureka crossover
"Taggart heard from Beverly at the market who heard from one of the kids who came in to see her weekly sessions that Rodney had once blown up three-quarters of a solar system, had a brain that rivaled Nathan Stark's, had kidnapped a male model on his way into town--"He's actually there of his own free will," Jack had interrupted--and also that he'd only agreed to work in Eureka in exchange for the total focus of some of the greatest minds in Global Dynamics' medical research labs."

it's fast, it's powerful, and it's got possessive!mckay. splendid choice and realization of pov: jack carter observes the mckays as an odd couple.
it's truly astonishing how pru manages to draw such a rich portrait of john and rodney through the eyes of a third party, and without ver loosing the eye for the town eureka, where the story takes place, and its residents too! also, beware the twisty plot twist! ;)
it's such a joy to read this story: Summer House belongs to those fics (of which most happen to be by pru) that i can read over and over because of their character-typical lines that make me weep with joy. therefore, cover art yay!

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i'm crying out for jellyfish/human! (yes, here's looking at you, [ profile] master_kogane, i need you in my hour of, um, need!) it's so freaking cold and clammy-wet here, and all i can do is remember the australian sun glistening down on the ocean, knowing all the wondrous things going on deep down.

it could be like that story with the mermaid and her bloke; only exciting and gripping, and with porn. it's actually love at first sight because the man could never find true satisfaction with 4-limbed humans, and the jellyfish is so thrilled by all his human's orifices. and they probably have also great personalities. but it's ...complicated because the jellyfish's secretion is slightly lethal and their first time goes horribly wrong and sweet tears mix with salty seawater. and then there's hurt/comfort. and they figure out how they can be together condoms. er. or somethin'.


because it's my birthday in 3 days?

until then i'll comfort myself with [ profile] thingswithwings 's Read My Mind, tentacle porn of a more mechanical nature.

eta: this prompt's bearded alternative-universe version can be found here and is written by [ profile] master_kogane. i thank her muchly for making me scream at work! :)

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this is for courtney, i knew i wasn't the only one.

(also, didn't write all those yummy fics myself -> fact proofed)

Five Ways to make Remus Lupin Smile by circe
five, even though a manic laugh isn't exactly the same as a smile.
"You see, Remus has so much blood on his hands, and it’s funny, it’s so funny, and he laughs and laughs and laughs, rictus grin, because he doesn’t think they’ll ever feel clean again."

august 4th by setissma
remus lupin talks to dogs for very different reasons.

no one would think live would become easier for a werewolf and an azkaban escapee reunited. and they'd be right.
three days by kest
Three days at 12 Grimmauld Place. Set during OotP.
Three Days (The Rebuilding the Temple Remix) by victoria p.
"Remus returns [Buckbeak's] greeting solemnly, one regal creature to another."

enlightenment by dollsome
the last line, i tell you, the last line!!!
Takes place during Order of the Phoenix. PG. - Tonks is smitten, Remus is oblivious,and Sirius is determined to enlighten him.

Mexican Standoff by musesfool
that was the one fic that enabled me to make my peace with remus/tonks. well, almost.
"You've gone and done something permanent" - "Well, you were dead. That seemed pretty permanent to me."

That the Science of Cartography Is Limited by sahayed
post ootp. remus tries to move in tiny spaces. flashbacks to the making of the marauders map, beautifully written. naturally, it breaks your heart. R.
The whole thing is silly and illogical. There has to be a rhythm.There has to be a sense. Because there are things that make sense about living, and you can’t come to a logical conclusion from an illogical premise, it doesn’t work like that.

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i love me my canon-compliant slash pairings. and dumbledore/grindelwald is almost a cliché. an escapistic, intense affair under elm trees waving in the warm summer breeze, overshadowed by moral failures and ended by The Death Of The Sister. guilty feelings ensue, lives are being changed.

i don't understand why people eeeew! at dumbledore/grindelwald just because they are old dead men now. they weren't always dead and old, you know.

old adventurers by [ profile] rosemaryandrue An old prisoner remembers. June 1997. gellert grindelwald smiles with an unbroken smile on his face.

bruises by [ profile] pica_scribit hopefully soon becoming ad/gg, but outlining probably the very reason why dumbledore went so hastily for grindelwald's philosophy (but i see that the fact that both ambitious, passionate young men were in the same situation when they met didn't hurt either: being outsiders, stuck in godric's hollow, under said elm trees....). After much discussion in a number of comms, it has become pretty clear that Ariana's port-traumatic reaction to her attack cannot really be explained by a physical beating. It is my intention to use this as a sort of prologue for an Albus/Gellert fic at some point in the future,since all AD/GG must necessarily begin with Ariana. R for implied rape of a child,

more fics and pretty pictures on [ profile] grindeldore

in the comments of "bruises" i read people comparing dumbledore/grindelwald to dumbledore/doge. but, personally, i think there never was any dumbledore/doge to speak of, not of any true importance anyway. when doge speaks/writes about dumbledore he reads like fangirling his Big Hero, rather than referring to a close friendship with emotions and secrets shared. he never knew of albus' close association with grindelwald or any of the big scheme stuff. come to think of it hardly anyone knew of the big scheme, bits and peaces at most; the ones who disliked him most probably knew the most. which makes me think that he must have been a very lonely man. astonishingly the more that he didn't seem to feel lonely. or did he?


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